All foreign participants are requested to note following; 

1.         Each foreign participant will be received at the Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo, Sri Lanka by an Officer from Sri Lanka Navy who will be your Liaison Officer throughout your stay in Sri Lanka, for the conference.  

2.         Foreign participants will be provided with transport & accompanied by the SLN Liaison Officer to the Hotel in which you are being accommodated.

3.         Throughout your stay in Sri Lanka during the conference, accommodation, food and transportation will be provided by the Sri Lanka Navy. Participants will be required to pay for telephone calls, laundry or consumptions from hotel room mini bar or ordered from the hotel where you are accommodated.

4.         Ice breaker dinner will be hosted by the “Commander Southern Naval Area” for all foreign participants at 1900 hrs 12th December. Dress smart casual.  

5.         Foreign participants will be provided with transport for sight seeing / shopping in Galle as per individual requirements.

6.         Uniform for specific events are stated in the agenda. Photo graphs of “5A” uniform and Red Sea Rig available at www.galledialogue 2012 web site for your information and service officers are requested to be dressed in same or the equivalent uniform.  

7.         An excursion in Southern Sri Lanka arranged for foreign participants and interested individuals are requested get ready to leave hotel 0800 hours on 15th of December.

8.         Return from Galle to Bandaranaike International Airport, Colombo will be by road and departure time from Light House Hotel Galle will depend on individual departure timings of out bound flights.

9.         Any participant wishing to continue enjoying Sri Lanka after 16th December will be transported to Colombo for chosen accommodation and stay thereafter will be at own expenses.

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